How Fairfirst Uses SimpleWorks Chatbot for Insurance services in Sri Lanka
  • FairFirst chatbot also known as Machan has help augment a number of services for Fairfirst such as
    • Automated customer validations via OTP mechanism.
    • Handle payment status inquiries with real-time responses.
    • Ability to upload accident related documents on the go.
    • Fetch realtime details regarding pending accidents.
    • Obtain repair approvals and No-objection letters.
    • Handle Claim rejections appeal.
  • Tri-lingual customer service in English, Tamil & Sinhala.
  • Provide claims information based on date of accident & vehicle registration number.
  • Seamless integration with core insurance platform.
  • Live chat-agent handover capability.

"We are confident that Machan (chatbot) will significantly change how we operate and this is the first of many new process improvements to kick in.”

Clement Fernandopulle
Head of IT, Fairfirst Insurance

How HNB Uses SimpleCRM for a Bank in Sri Lanka
  • Managing and tracking customer Complaints, inquiries, Service Requests in a single view.
  • Multi-channel complaint capturing via Calls, Walk-in, Facebook, website and Chatbot.
  • Configurable knowledgebase solution named HNB WIKI to host FAQ's and FCR responses.
  • A Comprehensive Customer-360 pop-up as part of incoming call to service agents.
  • Automatic workflows and SLA triggers for multi department engagement in real-time.
  • Having an integrated call-centre CRM with tight integrations with Avaya, ESB (WS02), Finacle, ATM switch, SMS, and other systems.
  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities with real-time and scheduled reporting for different management hierarchy.

"HNB zeroed in on SimpleWork’s Contact Centre Solution after having assessed their proven speed of delivery, commitment, and advanced tech capabilities. We found SimpleWorks to be the best fit for us in terms of the comprehensive nature of the SimpleCRM product line they offer, local reference-able customers and a highly experienced & responsive team, all of which will go a long way towards supporting HNB’s own mission to further consolidate its position as being Sri Lanka’s most customer-friendly bank.”

Vindhya Wijegunawardane
Head of Customer Experience, HNB

How Karvy Uses SimpleCRM for a Public sector Bank in India
  • Managing and tracking customer Complaints, Queries, Service Requests in one single window.
  • Digital marketing via campaigns and social media integrations for lead generation.
  • Providing Customer-360 view as part of incoming call pop-ups to service agents.
  • Workflows and escalations related to complaints and service requests.
  • Having an integrated call-centre CRM with tight integrations with Finacle, ATM switch, FTR, SMS, CLMS, ISO 8583 and other systems.

"Karvy is using SimpleCRM for managing call-centre of one of the largest public sector banks in India. The team has been a great partner to us and has impressed us with their responsiveness, dedication and expertise in handling large scale CRM projects."

Neehar Chaudhary
Head – IT Karvy

How Xrbia uses SimpleCRM
  • End-to-end management of Operations from initial lead generation till final bookings and customer support post unit possession.
  • Overall reporting of back-end processes via integration with SAP systems for inventory management and price policy schemes.
  • Digital marketing via campaigns and social media integrations for lead generation.
  • Call-center performance metrics and calculation of incentives and payout to channel partners.
  • Rolling out digitally connected customer concept by enabling customers to connect with Xrbia via customer portal, mobile apps, social media and others.

"We, at Xrbia, are convinced that SimpleCRM's comprehensive set of features would enable effective management of the end-to-end operations of our real estate business processes and contribute towards overall customer satisfaction. We are happy to work with reliable technology partners like SimpleCRM, who can help us in achieving our company's vision to build 100 future ready cities by 2030"

Mr. Thirumoorthy Karpur

How Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) uses SimpleCRM
  • End-to-end management of 200+ Management Development Programs (MDPs) per year.
  • 360 degree view of the entire nomination cycle - campaigning, initial engagement, registration, conversion to participant, and feedback.
  • Comprehensive solution with various modules - Faculty, Documentation, PDF templates, Souvenirs, Budget, Schedule, Knowledge Base, Invoices, Workflows and others.
  • Increased process efficiencies through integrated payment gateways, travel & accommodation application and website.
  • Self Service portal for Nominations/Sponsors and Online Feedback.
  • Robust Reports/Dashboards.

"SimpleCRM helps us manage our high-impact, 200+ MDP programs around the year. The team has impressed us with their deep understanding of our requirements and proactive solutioning. Recommended for other Educational Institutes!"

Officer-Executive Education, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA)

How Union Assurance Uses SimpleCRM
  • Manage entire lead lifecycle – initial engagement, lead nurturing, lead scoring, sales conversion and sales handoff.
  • Integration with DAT system for generating quote with single signon.
  • Enabling agents to access SimpleCRM from any device from any location.
  • Schedule meetings, SMS, emails, tasks, to-do reminders and social listening.
  • Reports, Schedulers & Dashboard for better visibility & control spend more time selling then entering details in sheets.
  • Tight integration with advisor portal with single signon.

"We selected SimpleCRM as a Lead Management Solution for rollout to 4,000+ Life Advisors. After evaluating several competing products, we found SimpleCRM to be the best fit for us in terms of comprehensiveness, flexibility and pricing of the product."

Ruwan Bakmedeniya
General Manager – Information Technology

How Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) Uses SimpleCRM
  • End-to-end management of 150+ Management Development Programs (MDPs) per year including Conferences, Seminar, Workshops.
  • 360 degree view of the entire nomination and participant cycle - campaigning, initial engagement, registration, payments, conversion to participant, and feedback.
  • Comprehensive solution with inbuilt accommodation and travel modules, Documents repository for archived programs, calendar sync, flexible program slot bookings.
  • Increased process efficiencies through integrated payment gateways, website, Sponsor/Participant/Alumni portals & online feedback, workflows, robust reports, printable templates, approvals mechanism.

"We, at ASCI, are convinced that SimpleCRM's comprehensive features would come in handy in effectively managing end-to-end operations of our MDP activity"

Prof. Nirmala Apsingikar
Chairperson, Information Technology Area, ASCI

How ICC Commercial Crime Services Uses SimpleCRM
  • 3600 view of the client - Multiple branches, contact details, enquiries, membership & subscription management.
  • Subscription management with renewals & invoicing process.
  • Enquiry management process with notifications to stakeholders.
  • Enquiry management portal - Raising enquiries, check enquiry status & communicate with ICC team.
  • Piracy management - Maintains detailed information on piracy incidents.
  • Robust Reports & Analytics.

"SimpleCRM has enabled us to integrate a number of our processes into one customised CRM bundle, which allows us to seamlessly work off one system. This has had a direct impact on enhancing performance and output. The Team have always been available to bring new ideas and products to life."

Cyrus Mody
Assistant Director

How Shriram Transport Finance Corporation uses SimpleCRM
  • Track customers, loans and repayment history very effectively and on real time basis.
  • Define and execute up-sell logic that assists call-center teams to convert support calls into potential sales calls.
  • Monitor sales force / branches against the assigned tasks in the CRM interface and review the performance of the teams in a much better quantitative environment.
  • Access online knowledge bank on products / services / offers that CSRs can refer while interacting with customers or prospects and thus make the interaction more productive and precise.
  • Use QRC metrics to classify and address customer issues swiftly.

"SimpleCRM is helping us service our customers with greater efficiency and win additional business!"

Ritesh Singla
Head - Cross Sell

Reliance Foundataion
How Reliance Foundation uses SimpleCRM
  • Tracking issues related to contacts in rural market in agriculture and fisheries domain.
  • Enabling tele-advisors to communicate with contacts and solving frequently asked questions, leveraging knowledge base.
  • Documenting cases history related to livestock, agriculture and fisheries for each contact.
  • Bridging the gap between knowledge base providers and knowledge base seekers.
  • Connecting rural agricultural, fisheries market to experts in advising the correct solution for queries related to soil, climate, crops, fishing, health.

"SimpleCRM has enabled us to run our PAN India Toll Free Helpline for 2 million rural audiences"

Ankit Walia
Program Director