SimpleWorks: Empowering Businesses with Robust and Scalable CRM & AI Solutions

Firm in the grip of the ongoing digital revolution, insurance companies are looking at customer-centric ways to remain viable as the balance of power shifts in favor of consumers. Companies are aggressively working toward managing customer relationships for optimal success.

After delivering hundreds of successful customer relationship management (CRM) projects globally for such companies, it became apparent to the founders of SimpleWorks Business Solutions Pte Ltd (SimpleWorks) that organizations across Asia stood in need of a comprehensive CRM solution with a pricing model that factored in the realities of the local economy. In line with this demand, the company offers enterprise-class, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions in the areas of CRM and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower insurance companies to go digital.


Simplework’s solutions are known across the industries of providing comprehensive robust and feature-rich solutions at half the cost of other top-tier equivalent solutions.” Says APAC CIO Outlook – 2018


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