Financial Need Analysis


Financial Needs Analysis Tool

Financial needs analysis tool is a step by step guide to ascertain the current state of client’s finances and his future financial needs which helps executives to recommend investment options to client to achieve their financial goals.

This tool insures that investments are recommended only after overall assessment of clients finances and his existing financial portfolio and this can be achieved in 3 steps.

  • Capture & Analyse Clients Overall Background
  • Capture & Analyse Clients Current Financial Status
  • Need Gap Analysis
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Capture & Analyse Clients Overall Background

  • Clients Current Age, Gender & other basic details
  • Expected retirement age
  • Clients personal life today like married, children, any dependents, Home etc
  • Future plans like getting married, buying a home, having more children, wedding budget etc
  • Other goals like buying a car, post retirement monthly spending etc
  • Time needed to accomplish these goals

Capture & Analyse Clients Current Financial Status

  • Current Savings balance, Current Investments, Children’s education fund.
  • Retirement balance and monthly contribution for the same
  • Current obligations like mortgage any outstanding debts etc
  • Insurance coverage like life insurance and medical insurance
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Need Gap Analysis

This section gives result based on information captured in previous sections. A need gap analysis suggesting what is the target amount and how much is the gap to achieve that target amount with respect to each of the below areas.

  • Savings and investments
  • Children’s Education
  • Retirement Plaining
  • Protection
  • Overall Summery  

Tightly Integrated With SimpleCRM

  • From Need Analysis Tool, SimpleCRM automatically captures current financial details & future planning along with need gap analysis of client
  • Prompts right solution to client
  • Considers dynamics like inflation, ROI on current investments to calculate the investment needed
  • Plan your finances across different requirements like Saving, Protection, Child education or retirement
  • It is as useful to clients for upselling & cross selling as it is for prospects
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