SimpleCRM featured as one of the top CRM solution providers by APAC CIOOutlook magazine - June, 2016

Any enterprise is bound to succeed if it has the perfect blend of expertise and experience and a vision to bring the best to the table. Similar is the tale of SimpleCRM, a Singapore based CRM solutions provider. The company puts forth the expertise of industry experts, who have come together to start this venture after gaining decades of experience in executing challenging CRM projects, globally. SimpleCRM’s first project was a customized CRM solution on open source platform, which was deployed for a leading financial services organization in Asia. After successfully implementing the solution for a user base of over 1200, the company moved on to further build the product and deliver an enterprise grade, highly-scalable, comprehensive and affordable CRM for Asian organizations. Since then,the company has consistently been growing, by serving varied CRM related needs of businesses operating in varied verticals. Today, from small & medium businesses (SMBs) to many of the largest Asian organizations, some with 5000+ CRM users, are preferring SimpleCRM for its comprehensive set of features, scalability, flexibility and affordability.

SimpleCRM is designed to comply with an extensive suite of configuration tools that enable code less modifications to a large extent


SimpleCRM is developed by one of the most experienced CRM teams in Asia. It is available on both on cloud and on-premise deployments and in various industry flavours. SimpleCRM is designed with an extensive suite of configuration tools that enable codeless modifications to a large extent. Additionally, the company has also enabled it with an extensive set of well-documented APIs and integration strategies to ensure its integration with the third party systems including legacy systems.The company’s vision is to keep adding value to the product by continuously upgrading it. “As a product, SimpleCRM is being constantly upgraded to incorporate the latest CRM features and best practices across the globe.

For example, in the last couple of years, we have incorporated several powerful modules in SimpleCRM, such as, Discount Delegation Matrix, Case Escalation Matrix, Online & Offline Mobile Apps, Advisor/Partner/Customer Portals, Reports Builder, Workflow Builder, Knowledge Base and others,” specifies Indraneel Fuke, Founder & Director, SimpleCRM.

SimpleCRM has helped a multitude of businesses eliminate various challenges that often cause difficulty in maintaining secure access control and accessing real-time business data due to complicated and time consuming reports. Organizations that still rely on excel and email based systems often need to face these challenges where as the businesses supported by SimpleCRM are assured of easy access to data related to lead generation, team’s productivity and even a consolidated 360 degree view of customers. SimpleCRM provides pre-developed vertical solutions for Call-Centre, Insurance, Telecom, Financial Services, Education, Real-Estate, IT Services, E-commerce, Manufacturing and Dealer ship sectors. The company handles large deployments for leading brands including Union Insurance,, India MART, HSBC Invest Direct, Indian Institute of Management (IIMA) and Reliance Foundation.

The company takes pride in designing cost-effective CRM solutions that provide a high Return on Investment (ROI) at a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).“We are inspired by how Xiaomi disrupted mobile market in Asia by offering products that match 90 percent of the capabilities of high end Samsung phones or iPhones at 25 percent of the Our vision is to become the leading CRM of choice for mid-sized and large enterprises in Asia. Our focus is on delivering a highly robust, comprehensive and scalable Enterprise CRM for Asian organizations, at a price-point that factors in the local economic realities,” concludes Indraneel.