Mobile CRM

Getting Started with Mobile CRM

Getting Started with Mobile CRM

Mobility in CRM refers to the use of mobile device including tablets and smartphones for effective Customer Relationship Management. Connections through mobile CRM allows sales team to access the data of a customer through CRM mobile applications or via browser using cloud CRM. One of the most significant advantages of mobility in CRM is that it allows the sales force to generate real time information of the client, meeting customers and prospects.

Adoption Rate of Mobile CRM

According to Forrester Research, 50% of the organizations and approximately 40% of the SMBs were rolling out, using or piloting Android and iPhone applications for the automation of sales.  The Gartner Group anticipates more than 500% growth rate within the next 5 years.

Significance of Mobile CRM

The massive use of internet from mobile to computer devices has become universal especially within the last two decades. The percentage of internet traffic through mobile device increased from 1% in the year 2009 to 13% in the year 2013, and three years later it is still growing every single day. This has completely altered the way organizations work. Customers and users receive information about your product and services which is now readily available to them on their smartphones, laptops, social media networks, whenever they desire.

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real estate

Sell & Lease More Properties Using Real Estate CRM

Sell & Lease More Properties Using Real Estate CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a powerful  system that can be deployed either cloud or existing IT infrastructure or in a data center of your choice. It provides instant access to critical customer data on your computer, mobile and tablet, opening up a world of opportunity for sales as well as services !!

Like most other Businesses, companies in the Real Estate sector also need to be at the forefront, by differentiating itself from its competitors at every stage. This begins with customer acquisition , customer service, delight and continues for lifetime to ensure customer loyalty and brand advocacy.


 What are the benefits of CRM for Real Estate?

1.Maintain and track flats, plots, and units inventory

It is important that all records pertaining to development are tracked and maintained, as knowing these makes it possible to plan promotion, sales as well as manage and deliver commitments. When you track all records of flats, plots and units inventory it helps you to stay updated and plan accordingly to the requirement. CRM helps you store all your data on a single platform, which can be accessed and updated anytime and anywhere.

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5 Quick Benefits of a CRM


5 Quick Benefits of a CRM
Every business needs to evolve and adapt over time. With growing competition and customer requirements business dynamics have changed and one cannot rely on traditional tools, such as Excel & Outlook, for managing sales, marketing and support. CRM provides a strategy to consolidate customer information, maintain relation with customers, keep sales managers updated with the latest market and customer information, and helps businesses grow.A CRM is more of a necessity than luxury, which is why today companies are rushing to get on the CRM bandwagon.
CRM helps organizations to:


Retain customers
“Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them.” – Kevin Stirtz.
The ultimate goal of any business is to retain its potential customers. At no point you would want to lose your customers who are giving you sales benefit. A personalized relationship with customer can go a long way in retention of the customer. A CRM helps you acquire customer complaints received through calls and emails, cataloging them in an appropriate category and work towards grievance redressal which leads to creation of strong customer experience and their retention for the company.

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15 Practical Challenges in CRM Implementation

15 Practical Challenges in CRM Implementation

Plan vs Reality small

Challenges in CRM Implementation can be broadly categorized into:

  1. People Challenges
  2. Technology Challenges
  3. Business Process Challenges
  4. Other Challenges

People Related Challenges in CRM Implementation

#1 Lack of senior management sponsorship

challenges in crm implementation - lack of mgmt support


  • CRM initiative solely driven by IT team without management buy-in.
  • Business users unclear or unconvinced on benefits of CRM.
  • Management not willing to commit to enforce CRM adoption.
  • Underestimating Change Management demanded by CRM.

Mitigation – Having an internal CRM champion from executive management.

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Configure Price Quote (CPQ)


What is Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution? Do I need it?

You might if you:

  1. Have someone who manually reviews quotes before sending to customers.
  2. Have plans to increase sales revenue and need a solid system in place to help you scale your business.
  3. Are using Word or Excel to manage leads, opportunities and produce quotes.
  4. Are frequently on the move and need easy access to latest products, product bundles, pricing, current offers, etc.
  5. Have hard time determining quickly which discounts the client is eligible

Sounds familiar?


Yes, but tell me more.

You may also be able relate to the following problems:

  1. Sales team is frequently sending incorrect quotes for your approval, or worse still, sending incorrect quotes to the customers.
  1. Discount approvals are not being consistently applied resulting in incorrect pricing, offering expired discounts or applying discounts to wrong products or services.

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