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Sell & Lease More Properties Using Real Estate CRM

Sell & Lease More Properties Using Real Estate CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a powerful  system that can be deployed either cloud or existing IT infrastructure or in a data center of your choice. It provides instant access to critical customer data on your computer, mobile and tablet, opening up a world of opportunity for sales as well as services !!

Like most other Businesses, companies in the Real Estate sector also need to be at the forefront, by differentiating itself from its competitors at every stage. This begins with customer acquisition , customer service, delight and continues for lifetime to ensure customer loyalty and brand advocacy.


 What are the benefits of CRM for Real Estate?

1.Maintain and track flats, plots, and units inventory

It is important that all records pertaining to development are tracked and maintained, as knowing these makes it possible to plan promotion, sales as well as manage and deliver commitments. When you track all records of flats, plots and units inventory it helps you to stay updated and plan accordingly to the requirement. CRM helps you store all your data on a single platform, which can be accessed and updated anytime and anywhere.

2.Define and execute customized, project-specific pricing policies

While coming up with a pricing strategy, it is essential to consider the market conditions and other factors specific to real estate,like price segments, neighborhood etc.

  • As a seller should you need to price your property at comparable market rates and hold firm if lower offers are made
  • Are there similar comparable properties currently in the market?

Our Real Estate CRM collates all these information and gives you actionable insight in form of reports and dashboard.


3.Maximize and leverage your sales effort:  360° Customer View

Sales team is vital for any industry, but no industry relies on them quite like real estate.  So, it is necessary to equip your team with all the necessary information. For real estate firms and their brokers, managing leads and keeping track of buyers and sellers cannot be left to chance. From a central database for all customer related data including documents and easily customizable workflow, CRM delivers visibility and control throughout the buying and selling process.

In addition to this. email marketing has been made simpler than ever. Create targeted lists from contacts, schedule and automate campaigns, and monitor campaign performance.


4. Implementation and Support

After setting up pricing policies and levering your sales team Real Estate firms will need more sophisticated reporting capabilities for service metrics, customer analysis and support.

CRM can help you optimize your effort by following means:

  • Salable CRM takes care of custom modules like Bookings, Projects info, Units/Plots info, Site Visits meter, integration of payment with ERP etc.
  • Flexible deployment as customer data is most valuable they can switch to on premise for any policy changes
  • Ease of integration with other systems at an optimal cost
  • Call-Center Integration
  • Integrated support system for query, feedback a consolidated knowledge base


No matter what kind of business you are in, stay relevant and ahead with SimpleCRM. To learn more you can request for a demo for more clarity or speak directly with our marketing executive +91 22 6700 0653 | +65 6408 0153.

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