Top 3 Reasons Why SMBs Should Immediately Adopt CRM

How effective is CRM really?


How effective is CRM really?

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have become important to modern business, but how effective are they? Most of the companies are still using spreadsheets to manage their customers, are they really effective? And if they are using any other traditional standalone CRM system are those effective?

In these ever changing business dynamics corporate world will have to make a choice –

  • Option 1: Keep managing customers through hard copies and spreadsheets
  • Option 2 : Keep using age old standalone CRM software
  • Option 3: Move to latest integrated, cloud-based CRM system

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of these options one by one.


Option1: Using spreadsheets

A start-up company may find this option cost effective initially, but as the business grows it is neither scalable nor it is flexible for expanding business needs. Company will quickly realise that they need a more scalable and flexible CRM to track customers and transactions to stay competitive. Spreadsheet has many short comings.

  • Spreadsheets limits the customer data into individual computer systems
  • Management will never have visibility into sales team’s activities
  • Alerts, reminders and diligent follow-up are missing resulting into loss of business
  • Complicated and time consuming reporting and analysis methods
  • What happens when an employee leaves the job? Data is permanently gone with him or will be hard to comprehend…

These analysis leads to one simple query, is this method ideal for the rapidly growing business needs? The answer is NO.

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CRM for Life Insurance Organizations


SimpleCRM to provide Lead & Case Management Solution to one of the largest Life Insurers in Southeast Asia

SimpleCRM will provide Lead & Case Management solution to one of the largest Life Insurance organizations in Southeast Asia. The solution is expected to expand the Life Insurer’s existing customer base and streamline its support operations. The company zeroed in on SimpleCRM as the most cost effective, enterprise ready CRM for Life Insurance operations with comprehensive Sales Automation and Multi-Channel Customer Support capabilities.

SimpleCRM Lead & Case Management solution will enable the company to:

  • Automate lead management, opportunity management, follow-ups and other sales related tasks.
  • Consolidate information and enable management to have real-time, accurate reports that greatly enhances the sales funnel visibility and forecasting
  • Leverage existing customer data for sending offers, promotions and updates via email, SMSes or outbound tele-calling campaigns.
  • Link social media campaigns to SimpleCRM and directly capture leads in the Lead Management System.
  • Run Multi-Channel Support Centre to eliminate customer aggravation when they are forced to identify themselves repeatedly or CSR not being up-to-date on prior conversations.
  • Streamline and boost service operations and enabling up-sell/cross-sell.

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CRM for Higher Education

Have you wondered about what CRM for Higher Education offers and whether you need it for your educational institute?

You might if you:

  1. Have enquires coming from various sources and want to ensure effective follow-ups.
  2. Want to find out how many leads are getting converted in a month and how your admissions counsellors are performing.
  3. Are using hard copies or word or excel to manage leads or enquiries.
  4. Would like to have a better student or faculty feedback tracking OR trouble ticket management solution.
  5. Finding it difficult to maintain effective relationship with your alumni and corporate donors.
  6. Are not sure what was your return on investment for your marketing campaigns.
  7. Would like to have instant reports on campus wise fees collection.
  8. Want to better market your MDP programs and manage corporate relations.

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Configure Price Quote (CPQ)


What is Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution? Do I need it?

You might if you:

  1. Have someone who manually reviews quotes before sending to customers.
  2. Have plans to increase sales revenue and need a solid system in place to help you scale your business.
  3. Are using Word or Excel to manage leads, opportunities and produce quotes.
  4. Are frequently on the move and need easy access to latest products, product bundles, pricing, current offers, etc.
  5. Have hard time determining quickly which discounts the client is eligible

Sounds familiar?


Yes, but tell me more.

You may also be able relate to the following problems:

  1. Sales team is frequently sending incorrect quotes for your approval, or worse still, sending incorrect quotes to the customers.
  1. Discount approvals are not being consistently applied resulting in incorrect pricing, offering expired discounts or applying discounts to wrong products or services.

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Omni Channel Help Desk CRM

What is Omni Channel Help Desk CRM? 

Say a company offers a great product or service, has a great lead generation engine and a crack sales team, who wins tons of new business every month. It has everything going for it in terms of customer acquisition but does not have a Help Desk CRM or Support Centre CRM. So the question becomes, are its customers experiencing a great customer service for the products or services purchased, are their issues and enquiries getting promptly addressed, are they satisfied after their purchase or are feeling buyer’s remorse? In short, is the company able to retain most of its customers after acquiring them?

A good support center or help desk crm allows you to interact with the customers who call in with problems or send emails to A better customer support crm will also provide a customer self-service portal where customers can log in to report (and track statuses of) their issues.

In today’s digital world there are additional ways in which a company can interact with or engage its customers:

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