Mobile CRM

Getting Started with Mobile CRM

Getting Started with Mobile CRM

Mobility in CRM refers to the use of mobile device including tablets and smartphones for effective Customer Relationship Management. Connections through mobile CRM allows sales team to access the data of a customer through CRM mobile applications or via browser using cloud CRM. One of the most significant advantages of mobility in CRM is that it allows the sales force to generate real time information of the client, meeting customers and prospects.

Adoption Rate of Mobile CRM

According to Forrester Research, 50% of the organizations and approximately 40% of the SMBs were rolling out, using or piloting Android and iPhone applications for the automation of sales.  The Gartner Group anticipates more than 500% growth rate within the next 5 years.

Significance of Mobile CRM

The massive use of internet from mobile to computer devices has become universal especially within the last two decades. The percentage of internet traffic through mobile device increased from 1% in the year 2009 to 13% in the year 2013, and three years later it is still growing every single day. This has completely altered the way organizations work. Customers and users receive information about your product and services which is now readily available to them on their smartphones, laptops, social media networks, whenever they desire.

The sales team of an organization now requires immediate access to the latest business related information of their competitors around the world; customers today expect to get directly in touch with businesses, organizations and financial institutions using smartphone applications which make it easier for them to acquire information the need without calling up your organization.

Mobile CRM not only allows anytime, anywhere access to the data and information leading to increased sales, but it also facilitates distributed customer support and service.


Starting with Mobile CRM

Before you start executing your mobile CRM strategy, it is important for an organization to first set their goals based on what is to be achieved by developing a mobile CRM platform and the task your workforce needs to cater to in order to benefit from real time data. Following are the some of the most significant initial steps required to be taken in order to build an effective mobile CRM platform:

#1 Internal buy-in

Prior to implementing a mobile CRM platform, it is important to attain an internal buy in from account managers. Organizations need to have an in-house training session on how the application is to be used and the benefits that can be achieved by working with mobile CRM.

#2 Provide the device

The most effective strategy of getting your sales force to use CRM regularly is by providing them devices with pre-installed CRM application. Although most of the applications of CRM are supported by Android, BlackBerry and iOS, make sure that you keep a check with the provider prior to providing it to your sales force.

#3 Mobile app usability

The sales team rarely requires access to complete functionality on their mobile CRM application to access reports and data. It is necessary to define the use of this platform as some of the functions are still better performed on desktop computers.

#4 Online vs Offline Mobile App

Another important aspect whether your organization requires an online mobile app or offline mobile app. There are pros and cons of both and the decision is influenced by several factors, such as, who the mobile app is for – partners / customers / employees, whether company issues mobile devices to users or it has BYOD policy, whether users need to access CRM in offline mode frequently, regulatory compliances on security, etc.


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