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Boost Email Marketing ROI With Measuring Metrics

Boost Your Email Marketing ROI with Measuring Metrics

Email marketing is a remarkable way of reaching to potential customers. It is a measurable marketing tool, where you can get inputs and information of your campaign, which will help you plan your future strategy for your products/brand. There are different email marketing measuring metrics you should evaluate to broaden up your reach to potential customers. Below are some essential measuring metrics to boost email marketing.


Click-through rate

You can make use of the click-through rate to determine how many times your email messages or your links were clicked by your customers. The higher the number of clicks to your messages the more you are assured that your content is appealing to customers. With the use of CRM you can estimate the number of users of your messages and those that are not interested in your messages. From an analysis from click-through rate you can make future strategies of what to offer to those that do not click your links and to offer additional benefits to those who click your sites regularly.

Open Rate

The open rate estimates the number of times your emails have been opened by the clients. Through this procedure the email senders can analyse the type of email their clients are interested in. To increase the open rates the email senders can avoid using keywords that push the messages to spam.


Conversion Rate

The conversion rate determines the actual benefit you received from a mail you sent to your customers. The conversion rate examines how many people actually brought your product following an email that you sent them. It is very important that you track your conversion rate from email to quickly calculate the benefit of sending an email to the clients.


Bounce rate

Bounce rate measures the number of email messages not received by recipients. Bounce rates are of two types “soft” bounce rates and “hard” bounce rates. A soft bounce is eventually delivered after issues such as network problems or full mailbox are sorted out. However, hard bounces will never be delivered as they are associated with issues such as invalid email address.


Unsubscribe rate

The use of unsubscribe rate metrics enables you to estimate the number of people who unsubscribe your mailers from their list. Sometimes it so happens that the audience may find your content to be irrelevant or unnecessary. For your promotions you may end up sending too many mails to the customers who may find them annoying. CRM can help you analyze the number of unsubscribers of your emails, evaluate the mails you are sending and give you the data to direct your mails in the right direction.


Spam percentage

Based on the number of links included in the email and spam triggered words appearing throughout the email the marketing providers give your email a spam score. With the use of spam score you can avoid keywords, especially in the subject line, to forbid the email to be lost in subscriber’s spam filters.


Overall Return On Investment(ROI)

The overall ROI of your email marketing campaigns is the most important thing that you should look from the marketing channel you are applying. You should send posts or campaigns that caters to the needs of the audience and that the audience are interested in. This way you identify much efficient channel and focus on what to give to the audience. Email marketing can boost more revenue when made in the proper direction and appeal.


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