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You can freely download base SimpleCRM solution below:




1. This instance is built on top of SuiteCRM 7.5.1 and SugarCE 6.5.20 and published under AGPLv3 license.
It includes modifications such as:

  1. UI modifications
  2. Asterix plugin and basic call-pop-up
  3. Facebook listener plugin
  4. Twitter plugin
  5. Basic Escalation Matrix
  6. Fixes for encountered issues
  7. Correct way to allow all users of your software to download the version they are using.
  8. Others


  • This program is released ‘AS-IS’; if you encounter any issues in installation you can contact us at (we will respond as and when possible).
  • For other configuration, customization, training, fix-patches etc. you can purchase support pack from us by sending us an email at


2. What can you do with it:

Anything that is allowed by AGPLv3 license (

Need help with provisions of AGPLv3? Check this: (

Answers to some common questions:

  1. If you download this program, modify it and use it for personal use, you are under no obligation to share the modified source code with anyone.
  2. If you download this program, modify it and use it within your company, you are under no obligation to share the modified source code with anyone outside your company. You just need to ensure that the users who access the system over network should be able to download the version they are using. This you can do in multiple ways as long as the download option is prominently visible/accessible. In our code we have pre-built a way to do so under the User Profile section and also in Admin section.
  3. If you download this program, modify it and sell it to another company, you are under no obligation to share the modified source code with anyone, other than the company (and its users) to whom it is sold.
  4. If you build separate, standalone applications, portals or other solutions, that only integrate with the downloaded program over HTTP/S (say through REST APIs) but otherwise remain separate, you may choose not to license such standalone applications under open-source AGPLv3 license, and instead, license them separately. You may also be able to separately license any plugins that you develop after consulting this link for further information:


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Top 3 Reasons Why SMBs Should Immediately Adopt CRM

How effective is CRM really?


How effective is CRM really?

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have become important to modern business, but how effective are they? Most of the companies are still using spreadsheets to manage their customers, are they really effective? And if they are using any other traditional standalone CRM system are those effective?

In these ever changing business dynamics corporate world will have to make a choice –

  • Option 1: Keep managing customers through hard copies and spreadsheets
  • Option 2 : Keep using age old standalone CRM software
  • Option 3: Move to latest integrated, cloud-based CRM system

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of these options one by one.


Option1: Using spreadsheets

A start-up company may find this option cost effective initially, but as the business grows it is neither scalable nor it is flexible for expanding business needs. Company will quickly realise that they need a more scalable and flexible CRM to track customers and transactions to stay competitive. Spreadsheet has many short comings.

  • Spreadsheets limits the customer data into individual computer systems
  • Management will never have visibility into sales team’s activities
  • Alerts, reminders and diligent follow-up are missing resulting into loss of business
  • Complicated and time consuming reporting and analysis methods
  • What happens when an employee leaves the job? Data is permanently gone with him or will be hard to comprehend…

These analysis leads to one simple query, is this method ideal for the rapidly growing business needs? The answer is NO.

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