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Sell & Lease More Properties Using Real Estate CRM

Sell & Lease More Properties Using Real Estate CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a powerful  system that can be deployed either cloud or existing IT infrastructure or in a data center of your choice. It provides instant access to critical customer data on your computer, mobile and tablet, opening up a world of opportunity for sales as well as services !!

Like most other Businesses, companies in the Real Estate sector also need to be at the forefront, by differentiating itself from its competitors at every stage. This begins with customer acquisition , customer service, delight and continues for lifetime to ensure customer loyalty and brand advocacy.


 What are the benefits of CRM for Real Estate?

1.Maintain and track flats, plots, and units inventory

It is important that all records pertaining to development are tracked and maintained, as knowing these makes it possible to plan promotion, sales as well as manage and deliver commitments. When you track all records of flats, plots and units inventory it helps you to stay updated and plan accordingly to the requirement. CRM helps you store all your data on a single platform, which can be accessed and updated anytime and anywhere.

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Email Marketing

Boost Email Marketing ROI With Measuring Metrics

Boost Your Email Marketing ROI with Measuring Metrics

Email marketing is a remarkable way of reaching to potential customers. It is a measurable marketing tool, where you can get inputs and information of your campaign, which will help you plan your future strategy for your products/brand. There are different email marketing measuring metrics you should evaluate to broaden up your reach to potential customers. Below are some essential measuring metrics to boost email marketing.


Click-through rate

You can make use of the click-through rate to determine how many times your email messages or your links were clicked by your customers. The higher the number of clicks to your messages the more you are assured that your content is appealing to customers. With the use of CRM you can estimate the number of users of your messages and those that are not interested in your messages. From an analysis from click-through rate you can make future strategies of what to offer to those that do not click your links and to offer additional benefits to those who click your sites regularly.

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customer retention

7 Tips to Improve Customer Retention

Customer Retention through CRM

It is said that acquiring a new customer is almost 16 times more expensive than retaining an existing one to whom you can cross sell and up-sell. According to a survey by SAS and Loyalty360,  68% of the business comes from existing clients.This makes  customer retention incredibly important to sustain and grow. Customer Retention is  not only less exhaustive than customer acquisition but also builds royalty and lifetime value of customers.

However, with customer expectations at all-time highs and brand loyalty at risk from  market pressure and competition, businesses must come up with new strategies to keep their valuable customers coming back.

Lets have a look at how can we improve customer retention.

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5 Quick Benefits of a CRM


5 Quick Benefits of a CRM
Every business needs to evolve and adapt over time. With growing competition and customer requirements business dynamics have changed and one cannot rely on traditional tools, such as Excel & Outlook, for managing sales, marketing and support. CRM provides a strategy to consolidate customer information, maintain relation with customers, keep sales managers updated with the latest market and customer information, and helps businesses grow.A CRM is more of a necessity than luxury, which is why today companies are rushing to get on the CRM bandwagon.
CRM helps organizations to:


Retain customers
“Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them.” – Kevin Stirtz.
The ultimate goal of any business is to retain its potential customers. At no point you would want to lose your customers who are giving you sales benefit. A personalized relationship with customer can go a long way in retention of the customer. A CRM helps you acquire customer complaints received through calls and emails, cataloging them in an appropriate category and work towards grievance redressal which leads to creation of strong customer experience and their retention for the company.

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