CRM for Life Insurance Organizations


SimpleCRM to provide Lead & Case Management Solution to one of the largest Life Insurers in Southeast Asia

SimpleCRM will provide Lead & Case Management solution to one of the largest Life Insurance organizations in Southeast Asia. The solution is expected to expand the Life Insurer’s existing customer base and streamline its support operations. The company zeroed in on SimpleCRM as the most cost effective, enterprise ready CRM for Life Insurance operations with comprehensive Sales Automation and Multi-Channel Customer Support capabilities.

SimpleCRM Lead & Case Management solution will enable the company to:

  • Automate lead management, opportunity management, follow-ups and other sales related tasks.
  • Consolidate information and enable management to have real-time, accurate reports that greatly enhances the sales funnel visibility and forecasting
  • Leverage existing customer data for sending offers, promotions and updates via email, SMSes or outbound tele-calling campaigns.
  • Link social media campaigns to SimpleCRM and directly capture leads in the Lead Management System.
  • Run Multi-Channel Support Centre to eliminate customer aggravation when they are forced to identify themselves repeatedly or CSR not being up-to-date on prior conversations.
  • Streamline and boost service operations and enabling up-sell/cross-sell.

As one of the leading insurance organizations in Southeast Asia, this Life Insurance organization offers a wide range of tailor-made insurance products and services and has more than 5000+ advisors operate selling life insurance products over bancassurance and non-bancassurance channels. The organization was evaluating CRM solutions to boost sales and to provide a consistent customer service experience.

SimpleCRM offers a cost effective, enterprise ready CRM solution for its growing customer base in Asia and has a team of industry experts with years of expertise in executing enterprise software projects, especially CRM projects, globally.


You can visit our website for more information about our services and SimpleCRM benefits. Or speak directly with our marketing executive at +91 22 6700 0653 | +65 6408 0153.

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